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On the tip of your tongue

Lyn Gardener, 
The Guardian

"A quietly spiritual piece... Delicate, seemingly simple– but with a residue of thoughts to digest."
Mary Brennan,
The Herald Scotland

On the tip of your tongue is an installation that allows participants to release their secrets and read the secrets of others within an intimate silence.

On entry, participants receive miniature rice paper sheets and envelopes. They are directed to a booth where they are invited to write down words or secrets and seal them in an envelope. The envelopes are dropped into a jar on an altar. Participants are asked to take out another envelope, read and whisper the written words into an empty jar. The paper is then swallowed by the reader, consuming the secret words of another.

Each new venue receives a new jar, once the performance is finished, the jar is sealed and labelled.

On the tip of your tongue was first commissioned to be part of Forest Fringe festival 2008. Since then it has been presented in the UK, and China.