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Commissioned for Sky Arts 50

in development

Border is  inspired by the world premiere of Ride (a motorcycle meditation). A cross between a video arcade game and a living documentary; it invites both the audience and biker to meet - and go for a ride. 

Border  celebrates motorcycle culture. Part-documentary, biker-biography and travel journal, it retells characters testimonials from varying landscapes and diverse backgrounds. A collaborative performance; one that combines role-play, pervasive technology and interactive documentary. 

Using 360 filming technology, journeys are recorded and edited to allow the boundaries of viewer and subject to blur with different horizons, creating a new and thrilling experience. Connecting to themes of meditation and freedom, the motorcycle becomes an exploration of where active and passive spectatorship meet. 

Border  will be the beginning of a wider network of pieces, part of a vision of national and international venues adding to a growing collection of different cultural perspectives and rides that can be shared worldwide


A interactive documentary using VR. Taking riders on a motorcycle journey through the dramatic landscape of Northern Ireland with an audio track celebrating the communities it passes through. Commissioned by Sky Arts for Sky Arts 50.


By Abigail Conway Produced by Laura Collier

Sound & Music Design: Ross Flight

Illustration: Eoin Ryan

Set design: Tin Shed Scenery

Editor: Conan Roberts

Camera: Conan Roberts

VR Production: East City Films

BORDER: A VR RIDE was commissioned and funded by Sky Arts as part of Art 50 and developed with the support of the Immersive Storytelling Studio, National Theatre.

To see a short interview please follow this link to Sky Arts 50 website.