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Party skills for the end of the world

Created by Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari with Abigail Conway

The skies are strangely orange. Things aren’t going as well as we thought. The rent’s gone up. Money is tight. It’s a bit too warm for the time of year. You can’t breathe this dirty air. You’re not sure who you can trust any more. What is that man doing over there? What did she just say on the news about missiles? It just feels like the end of the world is coming…

Drink anyone?


Abigail has worked with Barrett and Mari since 2014 to develop and design the interactive elements of the performance .

Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival 2017 and Shoreditch Town Hall.

delights and disturbs in equal measure'
★★★★ – Alun Hood, What's On Stage

★★★★★ – Damien Russell, London Theatre 1

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By Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari
Design Consultant, Lizzie Clachan
Design, Abigail Conway + Bethany Wells
Sound Design, Ben + Max Ringham
Lighting Design, Marty Langthorne
Costume Design, Myrridin Drualus Pharo