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Female armed forces

in development

F.A.F stands for Female Armed Forces: armed resistance training for women.

A training camp for women who would like to be armed with lethal weapons, slick moves and a love for resistance. Artists Abigail Conway and Tania El Khoury are developing a series of encounters with women who would like to join FAF. These encounters will involve sharing skills, shooting at enemies and collecting data for the resistance movement. 

This is an exciting first collaboration between artists Conway and El Khoury, building on their shared interests in creating immersive, playful and interactive environments for audiences interested in becoming collaborators.



FAF is the fruit of many of these interests and methods, an experiment with task-based interactive pieces that offer new skills for audiences, who make the work their own. FAF training explores ideas around resistance; what women will fight for, and the notion of power.


After a successful DIY residency through Live Art Development Agency and Norwich Arts Centre - the forces are exploring new territory.